Boosting the power of diverse teams with women in the C-Suite.


    We invest in visionary founders who recognize that diverse viewpoints accelerate innovation.

    We are opportunistic investors.

    15% of VC dollars go to gender-mixed teams, even though those teams out-perform all-male founding teams by 63%.

    As value-investors, we don't see women as under-funded, we see them as untapped.

    We want to see more women in the C-Suite.

    Women make up one in five C-Suite leaders and less than 5% of CEOs.

    Amplifyher arms outstanding women with the resources and capital needed to build their own C-Suites.

    The time is now.

    We are at an inflection point in venture for female empowerment.

    The conversation of gender parity is at its prime, but the numbers still show a significant gap in financing. Let's change that.

  • TEAM

    Tricia Black

    General Partner and Founder

    Tricia founded Amplifyher Ventures with the mission to put more women in leadership roles. In doing so, she believes there will be more mentors and paved paths for fellow female operators. Tricia is a venture capitalist who previously held executive sales and marketing roles for a number of high-growth businesses. Most notably, Tricia was the first VP of Sales of Facebook. As the company’s 7th employee, Tricia built Facebook’s early sales team, cultivated initial advertising relationships, and helped brands navigate the changing landscape of advertising during the shift to social media. Tricia has been investing in female founders for 10 years.

    Meghan Cross


    Meghan joins Amplifyher as a startup operator-turned-investor. As the original Managing Partner of Red Bear Angels, she built the Cornell alumni angel network of 100+ accredited investors and led investments across 20+ companies including Lyft. Meghan received her venture training from Foundation Capital and Bowery Capital. Prior to investing, she was an early Director at StyleCaster, Inc (acq. She Knows Media), a lifestyle publication that pioneered the convergence of media and technology. Meghan received her B.S. from Cornell University and M.B.A. from Columbia Business School.


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